About Group

Harmony and Pragmatism Breed Prosperity; Science and Innovation Lead to Future.

Chairman’s Statement

Harmony and Pragmatism Breed Prosperity; Science and Innovation Lead to Future.

In 2000, Zhejiang Machinery and Electrical Group came into being in the restructuring trend of government administration. Under the correct leadership of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the provincial SASAC, Zhejiang Machinery and Electrical Group, relying on the enterprise spirit of unity, pragmatism, innovation and self-improvement, strove forward vigorously in the wave of reform, successfully implemented the overall transfer of military and civil explosive enterprises and stopped losses and became profitable for military enterprises, comprehensively carried out reform and restructuring and vigorously cultivated high-tech industries, thus embarking on the road of rapid development. Today, the Group has 74 member units, and Its industry integrates production, learning, research, science, processing, trade and finance, with the business covering modern equipment manufacturing (including manufacturing of wind power equipment, military products equipment, parts , etc.), modern manufacturing services, civil explosive materials and blasting engineering, commerce and trade, finance services, education and other fields.

We adhere to taking innovation as the soul, and strive to build a Mechanical and Electrical Group with Science and Technology with science and technology. The Group has one national and local joint engineering laboratory and eight provincial key laboratories; one national innovative pilot enterprise and 11 high-tech enterprises; and three postdoctoral research workstations, three academician workstations and seven provincial and ministerial innovation teams. The self-developed "1.5 MW variable-speed constant-frequency wind turbine (WD1500)" was recognized as the first batch of "Competitive Products Made in Zhejiang". In recent years, the Group has won one special prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, nine first prizes, seven second prizes and 20 third prizes of Provincial and Ministerial Award for Progress in Science and Technology.

We adhere to the people-oriented principle, and strive to build a harmonious ZJME. The Group always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Unity, Pragmatism, Innovation and Self-improvement", creating a harmonious and happy development environment for employees and condensing the "Gathered Group" development energy. Rate of trade unions in all units have been established in 100%, and four poverty-stricken funds were set up, which were successively rated as "National Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations", "Advanced Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations in Zhejiang Province", "May 1st Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province", "Demonstration Base of Enterprise Culture in Zhejiang Province" and "Harmonious and Happy Enterprise in China (Zhejiang)".

Looking back on the past, every step made by ZJME embodies the passion and dedication of all staff in the Group, which is also inseparable with the strong support given by relevant provincial departments and local governments, as well as the help of brother enterprises and partners. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you all!

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to build a Mechanical and Electrical Group with Science and Technology to lead the future with science and innovation. We strive to build the Group into a scientific, efficient and sustainable provincial and large high-tech service enterprise group with strong core competitiveness! Let's make joint efforts to seize the opportunity of reform and development, and forge ahead in unity, creating a bright future for ZJME with science and technology!

Chairman and secretary of the Party committee of Zhejiang Mechanery and Electrical Group Co., Ltd. Xie Ping