Corporate Culture

Harmony and Pragmatism Breed Prosperity; Science and Innovation Lead to Future.

Core Concept

  • Integrity as the Base

    Integrity is the principle that should be followed between enterprises and the society, between enterprises, and between enterprises and employees. It is the basis and foundation of all transactions and contracts. Only with integrity can various parties establish a trust relationship and carry out fair transaction and cooperation, thus achieving mutual benefit and win-win progress, and sustainable development of all parties.

  • Innovation as the Soul

    Innovation is the soul of a country and nation's progress, as well as the soul of enterprise development. Only through unremitting independent innovation can an enterprise advance with the times, constantly adapt to the rapidly changing external environment, and create marketable products and services, so as to develop and grow. Attentions should be particularly paid to scientific and technological innovation. Zhejiang Machinery and Electrical Group should primarily rely on the development of science and technology for its development, and constantly increase investment in science and technology. Without science and technology, development would be a water without a source and a tree without roots. Thus, the enterprise would be impossible to achieve sustainable and healthy development, let alone become a large scientific and technological enterprise group with industrial competitive advantages.