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Modern manufacturing services

Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. integrates the scientific research and development, technical service and product testing, and has built 19 professional laboratories and two provincial key laboratories based on industrialization and engineering, completing multiple national and provincial major scientific research projects guided by proprietary and unique technologies. In water pump motor, metal forming, low-voltage electrical appliances, environmental protection, anaerobic adhesive and other fields, its professional and technical ability ranks at the advanced level of the industry; in mechanical and electrical products testing field, it has strong strength, and is the designated testing organization for national compulsory certification, testing organization for national industrial product production license, contract laboratory of China Quality Certification Center and CB laboratory in TUV Rheinland, ranking in the forefront of similar professional laboratories in China; and at the same time, it actively expands new fields such as rail transit, intelligent transportation and digital highway.

Trading branches of the Group such as Zhejiang Machinery & Equipment I/E Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Industrial Minerals Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. mainly provide domestic and foreign trade and related services for complete sets of equipment, mechanical and electrical products, mineral products and high-tech products.

Based on industrial chain and service supply chain, Zhejiang Zheshang Finance Service Co., Ltd. takes customers as the center and promotes business innovation to provide professional, steady and systematic supply chain finance services for enterprises.