Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, technical services and product testing, which was founded in 1958. The company is a national scientific and technological system reform demonstration enterprise, one of the first batch of innovative pilot enterprises in Zhejiang Province and a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It has one national and local engineering laboratory, two key laboratories in Zhejiang Province, one provincial industrial technology strategic alliance, two provincial technology research and development centers, etc., and has led or participated in the construction of four provincial key innovation teams and five provincial scientific and technological innovation service platforms. It has national postdoctoral workstations and postgraduate training demonstration bases of three universities, such as Zhejiang University of Technology, and is the president or secretary-general unit of several industrial societies and associations.

The company is mainly engaged in research and development, engineering design, engineering contracting, rail transit, product testing, industrialization of achievements and other related businesses. It has distinctive advantages in 3D printing, water pump, environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing, hydraulic technology, low-voltage electrical appliances, rail transportation, judicial expertise and other professional and technical fields. It has the qualifications of Class A in construction engineering, Class A in mechanical industry design, Class A in engineering consulting, Class A in engineering supervision, and Class A in professional contracting of highway and traffic engineering, etc. It is a China Compulsory Certification (CCC) testing organization for low-voltage electrical appliances, power tools, electric welding machines and other products, and a national production license inspection organization for pumps, mechanical seals, jacks and other products. The company serves more than 6,000 domestic and foreign customers every year, including the qualification test of the commercial aircraft C919 bearings and other key components and the qualification test of national military projects.

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