Reform and Innovation, Striving for Opening Up, and Making Every Effort to Promote the Group’s High-quality Development The Group Company Held the 2023 Working Conference and the Sixth Employee (Membe

Time:2023-02-20 09:05:39

The Group Company held the 2023 working conference and the sixth employee (member) congress of the third session in Hangzhou on February 17th. Guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the meeting thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 20th Party Congress and the Central Economic Working Conference, and the spirit of the 15th Congress of Party Representatives, the Second Plenary Session of the 15th Provincial Party Committee and the Economic Working Conference of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial “Two Sessions”, the Provincial “First Meeting of the New Year” and the work of provincial enterprises, and reviewed and summarized the work in 2022 and the research and deployment in 2023. Xie Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Company, made a speech, and Yang Zhenyu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager, presented a work report. The meeting was presided over by Lou Guoqing, Deputy General Manager of the Group Company.

At the meeting, Yang Zhenyu made a work report entitled “Reform, Innovation, Quality Improvement, Opening-up, Striving for the First Class, Promoting the Group’s Development to a New Level”. According to the report, the overall development of the Group in 2022 was relatively good, with steady progress and quality improvement, and actual results achieved. Yunda Company filled a number of technical gaps in the domestic wind power field and was affirmed by Yuan Jiajun, then secretary of the secretary of provincial committee of the CPC; The related work of the Group was also affirmed by Gao Xingfu, then vice governor, and Dong Guibo, Party Secretary and Director of Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. According to the seven aspects of “reality, progress, reform, innovation, management, integration and unification”, the Group deepened and carried out the seven key actions of steady progress and quality improvement, created a strong atmosphere of striving for first-class, and maintained a good situation of steady progress in business performance; The Group actively followed the overall national and provincial strategies, strengthened strategic guidance according to high-quality development goals, improved investment quality and efficiency, optimized industrial layout, and accelerated the cultivation of new growth poles leading the future; The Group insisted on putting innovation in the first place, improving the source of innovation and enhancing the driving force of development; The Group deepened the construction of “Compliance Management Year”, strengthened the awareness of risk bottom line, made overall plans for the security of danger removal and epidemic prevention and control, and maintained the overall situation of safe and stable development; The Group created a model of integration of production and education to improve the effectiveness of group-run schools; The Group adhered to the Party’s leadership over state-owned enterprises, constantly improved political judgment, political understanding and political execution, and set an example in supporting “two establishment” and practicing “two maintenance”. Combined with the Group’s “the 14th Five-Year Plan” development strategy and the strategic plan for high-quality industrial development from 2023 to 2027, the report put forward the general idea and main objectives in 2023, and defined the work requirements in seven aspects: First, the Group should focus on business objectives and make new achievements in expanding revenue and increasing profits. Second, the Group should make a clear strategic positioning and make new achievements in upgrading the industrial system. Third, the Group should speed up the reform and make new achievements in building modern new state-owned enterprises. Fourth, the Group should adhere to the guidance of innovation and make new achievements in creating original technology sources. Fifth, the Group should enhance its risk awareness and make new achievements in deepening compliance management. Sixth, the Group should deepen school-enterprise cooperation and make new achievements in promoting the integration of production and education. Seventh, the group should improve its political stance and make new achievements in promoting the development of double integration.


In the speech, Xie Ping fully affirmed the achievements made by the Group Company in 2022, and stressed that in 2023, the Group should follow the problem orientation, take the correct development direction, implement the requirements of superiors and the feedback from inspections, improve its stance with the most resolute attitude, take the strongest responsibility to overcome difficulties, and take serious measures to implement with the best work style, so as to do all the work accurately. According to Xie Ping, first, the Group should identify the mechanery and electrical positioning and development coordinates, and plan a new situation of high-quality development. The Group should correctly understand the situation, overall situation and own strength, be keenly aware of new changes and new requirements, find the right development direction, and plan a new development strategy for the next five years. The Group should release more reform dividends by deepening reforms; By deepening innovation, the Group should promote a comprehensive transformation to an innovation-driven development model. The Group should deepen its cooperation with the outside world through opening-up, firmly establish the concept of coordinated and integrated development, and promote the continuous development of the Group. Through the talent strategy, the Group should enhance the marketization and introduce all kinds of talents, create a good ecology of attracting talents, cultivating talents and retaining talents, and build a community of undertakings and shared interests between talents and enterprises. Second, the Group should strengthen inspection, rectification and application of achievements, and improve the new system of modern governance. The Group should make the rectification of feedback issues during inspection tour, focusing on rectification one by one and promoting implementation one by one; The Group should find out the underlying working styles and methods, be good at reflecting on the loopholes and deficiencies in the work in essence, find key breakthroughs and important acting point, and solve underlying problems and improve quality as a whole; The Group should strengthen the application of achievements, establish and improve a systematic, scientific, standardized and efficient system, scientifically sort out the responsibilities and rights of each governance system, scientifically design the process framework system, and build an efficient governance system under the premise of standardization. Third, the Group should strengthen team and capacity building and develop in high-quality. The Group should carry forward the style of playing hardball, exercise the ability to fight hard, speed up the construction of an electromechanical iron army that wants to do things, can do things, and achieve things. In strict accordance with the “year of improving quality and increasing efficiency”, the Group should strive to break through the “bottleneck” factor constraints and the “ceiling” development bottleneck, and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development of the Group.


At the meeting, Xie Ping signed relevant responsibility letters such as the target assessment responsibility letter of Party building work in 2023 with all member units; The Group also awarded outstanding contribution awards, advanced units in Party building work, advanced collectives and model workers in 2021-2022, and outstanding achievements of the Fifth Youth Academic Forum.

Members of the leading group of the Group Company, external directors, full-time supervisors of provincial enterprises, all managers of the headquarters, leaders of member units and assistants to the general manager of member enterprises and above, representatives of retired party branch secretaries, various commended personnel and representatives of employees of the Group Company attended the meeting. Representatives of employees and members of all member units attended the meeting in the form of video conference.