CCCC Investment Company Limited signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Mechanery and Electrical Group Co., Ltd.

Time:2022-12-13 10:50:38

CCCC Investment Company Limited and Zhejiang Mechanery and Electrical Group Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement on December 12th, focusing on deepening cooperation and hand-in-hand development in the fields of new energy, composite materials and traffic engineering so as to further implement the requirement of “promoting state-owned capital and state-owned enterprises to be stronger, better and bigger, and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises” put forward by Report to the 20th CPC National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and to promote the implementation of the spirit of the 20th Party Congress with practical actions.


Xie Ping, Party Secretary and Chairman of Mechanery and Electrical Group, and Cai Fengxiang, Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of CCCC Investment, delivered speeches respectively. Relevant persons in charge of CCCC Investment and Mechanery and Electrical Group attended the signing ceremony, and Yang Zhenyu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Mechanery and Electrical Group, presided over the ceremony.

Xie Ping extended a warm welcome to Chairman Cai of CCCC Investment and others who visited the Mechanery and Electrical Group, and gave a comprehensive introduction to the basic situation of the Mechanery and Electrical Group. Xie Ping said that since CCCC Investment and Mechanery and Electrical Group have a solid foundation and broad space to carry out strategic cooperation, the two sides will steadily push forward the implementation of bilateral cooperation in the next step according to three aspects: creating a “new model” for deepening cooperation between the central-local governments, effectively pooling resources to integrate “new elements” and comprehensively stimulating “new kinetic energy” for scientific and technological innovation, relying on the concepts of being honest and steadfast, working hand in hand and working diligently and tirelessly.

Cai Fengxiang systematically introduced CCCC Investment’s corporate purpose of “making the world smoother, making the city more livable and making life better”. Cai Fengxiang said that because CCCC Investment and Mechanery and Electrical Group have a good foundation for complementary cooperation and broad prospects for cooperation, the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement only opened the “prelude” for all-round deepening cooperation between the two sides. In the next step, CCCC Investment will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the Mechanery and Electrical Group in the fields of new energy, manufacturing and new materials, electromechanical engineering, personnel training, etc., and actively build a value chain to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results from point to area.

Wang Changhua, Deputy General Manager of Institute of Mechanical & Electrical, Yang Fan, Deputy General Manager of Yunda Company, and Wang Zhangjun, Deputy General Manager of Huarui Company also introduced their respective enterprises.

Chen Fangwei, Member of Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of CCCC Investment, and Lou Guoqing, Member of Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Mechanery and Electrical Group, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides.

Wang Qidong, Director of Investment Department I of CCCC Investment, Cheng Jianlong, Deputy Director of the Office, Wang Donglin, Deputy General Manager of CCCC (Hangzhou) Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., and Qu Ran, Deputy Head of Zhejiang Market Class of CCCC East China Branch; Chen Heng, full-time external director of Mechanery and Electrical Group, Zhu Xiaomin, full-time external director, Liu Qiang, deputy general manager, Wu Yaocai, Deputy Chief Engineer and Minister of Investment, Shen Yonghua, Minister of Science and Education attended the ceremony.