ZJME with Science and Technology

Harmony and Pragmatism Breed Prosperity; Science and Innovation Lead to Future.


Based on the idea of "One Six One", the Group constructs the "Eight Projects" of Mechanical and Electrical Group with science and technology in an all-round way, focuses on the improvement of main business, and develops six major projects including internationalization, talent, securitization, entrepreneurship & innovation, enterprise-university-research institute cooperation, and management innovation, which are complementary and promotional with vocational education.

Implementing main business improvement project. The improvement of main business is the main line to implement the construction strategy of "Mechanical and Electrical Group with Science and Technology" and achieve high-quality and high-level development. Focusing on "activating force, strengthening advantages, promoting industrialization and informatization, and improving weakness", the Group improves main business to stimulate the vitality of technological innovation and entrepreneurship; consolidates and enhances existing advantages, and creates proprietary and unique comparative advantages to make "strengths" more powerful; promotes the modernization of enterprise management and the informatization of management methods to optimize management; integrates "informatization and industrialization" in the manufacturing industry to improve product quality and promote product optimization and upgrading; and enhances control risk points through management to ensure safety and stability in production and operation.

Promoting internationalization projects. The Group establishes an all-around international thinking, effectively improves international competitiveness in terms of development strategy, business layout, standards, resource allocation, talent, brand, and corporate culture, and promotes the improvement of main business by means of international development. Educational institutions must establish the international development concept of teaching, scientific research, and talent training, improve the consensus of teachers and students to fully participate and jointly promote international development, and create international characteristics.

Improving the talent project. Adhering to the principle of human resources under the Party leadership, the Group establishes the concept of talents who have good ability, unique skills and play a key role, and the idea that talent should be trained in practice, technology projects and innovation platforms. It builds three talent teams with management ability, professional technology and high skills, respectively, and systematically establishes a four-in-one talent management system of talent identification, introduction, training and employment.

Driving the asset securitization project. Asset securitization is an effective way to improve capital structure, optimize corporate governance, and enhance corporate competitiveness. It is necessary to actively respond to the "Phoenix Action" plan of provincial committee and government, and seize the opportunity to accelerate the progress of asset securitization.

Pushing entrepreneurship and innovation projects. The Group gathers the kinetic energy of employees for entrepreneurship and innovation, stimulates the "entrepreneurship and innovation" vitality of scientific researchers and front-line employees, and further enhances the spirit of craftsmanship, so that front-line employees can make new achievements and show new performance in the development of "Mechanical and Electrical Group with Science and Technology".

Advancing the vocational education development project. In accordance with the development concept of "innovation, openness, integration, and win-win situation", the Group stimulates the vitality of universities and institutes, deepens the integration of industry and education, and builds a school-enterprise collaborative education platform by innovating the management system and mechanism. It spares no effort to build a cross-regional, cross-industry, cross-departmental, multi-functional and comprehensive vocational education group, and form the "Zhejiang Experience" on vocational education collectivization.

Deepening enterprise-university-research institute cooperation projects. The Group strengthens the overall coordination of enterprise-university-research institute cooperation, focuses on building a simulation market for technology transactions, promotes knowledge flow and technology transfer, and builds an efficient and convenient technology property transfer channels. It actively expands the way of enterprise-university-research institute cooperation for cooperating with scientific research institutes, colleges and universities with technical advantages at home and abroad according to the characteristics of professional technology, raises the technology benchmark, builds core competitiveness with advanced and applicable technology, and promotes sustainable development of enterprise.

Performing the management improvement project. The Group improves the organizational leadership and management capabilities of managers at all levels, highlights the management system construction, and clarifies the main management responsibilities. The headquarter of the Group should strengthen its functions of strategic guidance, major investment and financing, human resource management, and risk control, and continuously improve the assessment and incentive mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise. Member enterprises should enhance their capabilities on product and technology development, marketing and risk control, and fulfill the main responsibilities for management of technology, production, cost, capital, marketing, quality and safety.