Corporate Culture

Harmony and Pragmatism Breed Prosperity; Science and Innovation Lead to Future.

Strategic Vision

Striving for being a world-leading manufacturing enterprise and a first-class vocational education g
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    Pioneer of Scientific and Technological Innovation

    Making scientific and technological innovation and building "Mechanical and Electrical Group with Science and Technology" is an important guarantee for the sustainably rapid and sound development of Mechanical and Electrical Group. Aiming at improving its core competitiveness, Mechanical and Electrical Group focuses on the development of main business, insists on the close integration of independent innovation and enterprise development, technological innovation, mechanism innovation and management innovation, and original innovation, integrated innovation and introduction, digestion, absorption and re-innovation, comprehensively improves the level of scientific and technological innovation, attaches great importance to the promotion and application of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerates the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into actual productivity to become a model for scientific and technological innovation.

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    Industry Leader

    With standardized governance mechanism, excellent business management, first-class business performance, and outstanding team collaboration, the Group increases investment in scientific research, new product development, and technical transformation, promotes the industrialization of scientific research achievements, further strengthens the enterprise-university-research institute cooperation, accelerates the construction of an enterprise-based, market-oriented scientific and technological innovation system with enterprise-university-research institute combination and its characteristics, and enhances its technical advantages to become the benchmark among mechanical and electrical enterprises in China.

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    Responsibility Performer

    "Keeping pace with the times, sharing destiny with the country, forging ahead with the nation, and developing a group with one hundred years' glory" are the ambitious goals and strong enterprising & pioneering spirits of Mechanical and Electrical Group, the leap-forward transition in its development goals, and its beautiful vision for the future and firm faith in the career. The Group insists on emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, reforming with keen determination, innovating continuously, actively assuming social responsibility, building a harmonious enterprise, and achieving win-win situation to be a modern enterprise with excellent quality and century-old reputation.